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ATD-GC-MS (Automated Thermal Desorption - Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer)

ATD-GC-MS is a hyphenated technique which separates mixtures of organic compounds and determines the identity and concentration of each component. The mixture is typically introduced onto adsorbent media contained inside a glass or metal tube. The tube is heated to vaporize the mixture and the vapor is injected onto a capillary gas chromatographic column. The column separates the mixture into individual components which then enter a quadrupole mass spectrometer. The mass spectrum of each component is recorded and compared to a database of known compounds for positive identification. The mass spectrum intensity may be used for quantitation. This technique is capable of detecting picogram quantities of material. ATD-GC-MS is a powerful tool for identifying organic contaminants. These may be present as an adsorbed film on silicon wafers, as airborne vapors in the manufacturing environment, as dissolved components in ultrapure water or process chemicals, or as vapors which outgas from plastics, coatings, garments, o-rings and similar materials.

• Perkin-Elmer ATD400 - AutoSystem XL - TurboMass
• Gerstel TDS 3 - Agilent 6890 GCMS

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