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WDXRF (Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer)

WDXRF is used to identify and measure the bulk elemental composition of solid materials. A portion of the material is exposed to x-rays from a rhodium tube at 30-40KeV. The elements comprising the material (both metals and non-metals) fluoresce their own characteristic x-radiation which is sorted by a multi-crystal goniometer and measured by a scintillator or flow proportional counter. The x-ray wavelength is used to identify the element and the x-ray intensity is used to determine its concentration. Analysis by WDXRF requires virtually no sample preparation. Solid materials such as silicon wafers, cleanroom wipers, gloves, tape, labels, containers, tool parts, etc. can be analyzed directly. Element concentrations in weight percent are determined from sensitivity factors using fundamental parameter calculations so that calibration standards are not required for semi-quantitative analysis. Other applications include measurement of percent boron and phosphorus in BPSG films, measurement of thin film thicknesses & etch rates and identification of contaminants removed from process tools during cleaning and preventative maintenance.


• Shimadzu XRF1500


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