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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) is an imaging technique that relies on forward scattering of a high energy electron beam transmitted through a sample to form images and diffraction patterns from regions as small as several nanometers.

The Cerium Labs TEMs can achieve point resolutions better than 2 angstroms allowing imaging of atomic columns. The TEM can be used in a wide variety of imaging applications from atomic scale metrology of thin films and nanostructures to the characterization of inclusions, defects, and precipitates. Through strain-contrast imaging, dislocations, stacking faults, twin boundaries, dislocation loops, and other crystalline imperfections can be visualized.

In order to achieve the highest quality image, the sample must be thinned to electron transparency, which is ideally less than 100nm. Consequently, TEM requires an intensive and exacting process of sample preparation. Cerium Labs has a world-class TEM sample preparation facility comprised of three dual-beam FIBs to prepare site-specific TEM samples, and traditional sample preparation tools for mechanical polishing and ion milling for bulk and blanket-wafer samples.


Today, we use the advantages of TEM to help our clients with challenges in process evaluation and development, process quantification, failure analysis, and various R&D tasks.

• JEOL JEM2010 (S)TEM operated with a thermionic emission gun at accelerating voltages of 100kV-200kV.
• PHILIPS CM300 (S)TEM operated with a field emission gun at accelerating voltages of 80kV-300kV.
• JEM ARM200F AC - (S)TEM operated with a field emission gun at accelerating voltages of 80kV-200kV.

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