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Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Sample Prep

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technology allows the capability to locally sputter materials by milling a sample surface with a highly focused beam of gallium ions. The ion beam is emitted from a liquid Ga ion source. At high beam currents it can be used to locally deposit conductors, insulators, or perform gas assisted etching techniques. At low beam currents it can be used for ion imaging or cleanup of amorphous damage.

FIB applications allow sub-micron precision and give rise to a number of useful applications. FIB systems are widely utilized for on-chip circuit modification, defect characterization (TEM/SEM/Auger sample preparation), voltage contrast analysis, micro-machining, and advanced circuit diagnostics for failure analysis.

KNIGHTS automated navigation software provides the ability to drive to specific sites for analysis by importing KLA, TENCOR, etc data files. Defects can be cross-sectioned or analyzed with EDS for elemental composition. KNIGHTS can also import circuit layout files for locating specific features and performing device modifications.

FIB systems integrated with Omniprobe provide in-situ lift-out for TEM sample preparation. This technique allows for a higher success rate on one-of-a-kind samples.

• FEI Altura 830 Dual Beam FIB with Noran Vantage EDS and KNIGHTS Navigation capabilities.
• FEI Altura 835 Dual Beam FIB with Omniprobe TEM preparation capability.
• FEI Strata 400S Dual Beam FIB with Omniprobe TEM preparation capability and STEM imaging.


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