Litigation Support




Reverse Engineering

Bulk and surface analysis for contamination in silicon.
Solar Cell Assembly failure analysis.


Microscopy and analytical chemistry investigations of product failures.  IC teardown and circuit analysis for IP litigation.


Support for semiconductor manufacturing, process and tool qualifications, and failure analysis.


IC circuit extraction or recreation using series of delayering, imaging, and software tools.

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Cerium Labs.


Press Release:

Austin, TX - July 22, 2013 - Cerium is pleased to announce the acquisition of Avogadro nAnalytical, LLC in Salem, New Hampshire. Cerium Laboratories, LLC is a world-class analytical laboratory with over 20 years of materials characterization experience providing material analysis support for the world's leading companies in the fields of semiconductors, alternative fuels, automotive and nanosciences. Avogadro nAnalytical, LLC is a materials analysis laboratory with over forty years of combined practical experience in surface and materials analysis, process engineering and development, and consultation services spanning such industries as semiconductor, biomedical products, and general manufacturing.

This acquisition strengthens Cerium's strategic expansion by adding a regional facility in the Northeast United States, to increase support for existing and new customers in the area. By providing additional resources, Cerium will be able to support Avogadro's existing customer relationships. Our combined team's extensive industry knowledge will help to ensure a seamless transition and will help to grow the overall regional presence of the company.