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Reverse Engineering

Bulk and surface analysis for contamination in silicon.
Solar Cell Assembly failure analysis.


Microscopy and analytical chemistry investigations of product failures.  IC teardown and circuit analysis for IP litigation.


Support for semiconductor manufacturing, process and tool qualifications, and failure analysis.


IC circuit extraction or recreation using series of delayering, imaging, and software tools.

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Press Release:

Salem, NH - April 25, 2014 - Cerium Labs Northeast announces its acquisition of a SOPRA GES5 VASE (Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer). This tool provides a new service capability for Cerium Labs. This optical analysis technique allows for the determination of material characteristics such as index of refraction, extinction coefficient and dispersion. In conjunction with optical modeling, the tool also offers wafer mapping capabilities up to 300mm which can be used for measurement of film thickness uniformity, and structural parameters such as amorphization, composition fraction, and material anisotropy.